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50 children are backed over each week, The C360 can prevent backing accidents!

Safety Walk 360 llc has developed the C360, a vehicle safety device ensuring drivers perform a vehicle walk around before the vehicle is moved. The C360 can eliminate backing accidents.

Safet Walk 360

Adel,Iowa (PR MediaRelease) March 30, 2018

Several years ago, Jon Melton sat on his front porch, watching his young son ride his bike around the neighborhood. His son’s shoe came untied, so he kneeled to tie it — behind a vehicle in a driveway. Suddenly, that vehicle began moving, and Jon was powerless to intervene. His son ended up okay, but the incident shook Melton to the point that he began pursuing solutions for the potentially disastrous problem.

Thus evolved the creation of Safety Walk 360 Llc. and the C360. The C360 is a simple yet innovative solution that prompts drivers to walk around a vehicle before starting it. With the C360, the vehicle will start, but an alarm will persist until the driver pushes buttons on both the front and back of the vehicle. Another model offered is the C362, this model will not allow the vehicle to start until the buttons on the front and back of the vehicle are pressed. The C360 and C362 are particularly applicable for companies that have vehicle fleets and want to ensure that their employees complete vehicle walk-arounds every time they attempt to get behind the wheel.

During the creation of Safety Walk 360 many disturbing stories throughout the world came to us regarding the need for the C360. Over 25% of all vehicle accidents are backing related  accidents. Over 500,000 backing accidents occur in the United States each year, 15,000 of those result in an injury, and over 200 result in death. On average each backing accident causes $7400 in damage.The C360 can protect so much more than a companies pocketbook, it can protect a loved ones life!


Safety Walk 360 LLC is an Iowa based company founded in 2014. We started this adventure purely for the desire to save someone’s life! this is our way of trying to make the world a better place.

Jon Melton
Safety Walk 360 LLC
Operations Manager

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