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Agriculture Industry Software Platform Publicly Released

Montage for Ag helps growers harness big data for meaningful insights into their business

Fresno,California (PR MediaRelease) February 3, 2017

California growers now have access to a one-of-a-kind comprehensive cloud-based software application that is tailored to the grower. After months of use by West Hills Farm Services and other beta users, Montage for Ag is now available to the public. Montage for Ag is designed to provide actionable intelligence to farming operations to improve output, lower costs, and ultimately drive efficiency gains.

Montage for Ag is the brainchild of grower Brad Gleason, President of West Hills Farms Service, who manages more than 12,000 acres of pistachio and almond orchards in California. He sought to solve the real world data management problems of his active farming operation.

What if I’m not here tomorrow? asked Gleason, a question that launched what would become Montage for Ag.  I needed something simple, yet powerful, to organize all my data and access it remotely, and it didn’t exist.


Gleason is not alone. The need for succession planning in family farms is a reality. In 2008, the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (CSREES) reported that 70% of U.S. farm land would change hands by 2028. Without adequate succession planning, CSREES reports that farms are more likely to go out of business, be absorbed by larger neighboring farms, or be converted for non-farm use.

Each farmer, manager, or rancher has a treasure chest of knowledge whether it is cultural practices or decades of experience. This information is housed in many brilliant minds and could potentially fail to be passed onto the next generation if it is not captured. As President of Montage for Ag, Brad Gleason now sets out to help out his fellow farmers with a solution based on real needs on the farm, and in the and in the farming office.

Growers are hand guided through the setup process starting with creating ranch maps of their operation and then digitizing the hard copy files of information pertaining to those ranch maps. The product also links multiple sensor technologies such as weather, moisture probes, water well-measuring devices into the application’s ranch mapping feature. Combining real-time field technologies with critical historical data all into one easy to access application allows growers to make informed farm management decisions.


The job to produce is all about solving problems, and this couldn’t be more true in California’s business climate. The Golden State has an unparalleled reputation as the most complex and onerous business climate due to ever-increasing regulations. While it’s not possible to take the human aspect out of farming, it can be fine-tuned by incorporating new tools and practices.  One increasingly relevant example is agricultural well water; with ever increasing regulations and years of drought in areas like California’s Central Valley, farmers need to leverage technology.

“Now I can access everything from my permit, to a pump curve report, to the current pumping volumes all from my phone,” said Gleason. It allows me to better manage this precious resource.  Agriculture will realize a long overdue advantage through Montage for Ag because it can serve to verify existing best practices at the farm level and defend against scrutiny as stewards of the land. After the initial release, Montage for Ag will grow and adapt with the unique needs of the agricultural users as they arise.

ABOUT MONTAGE FOR AG Based in Downtown Fresno, Montage for Ag is a developer of the Montage for Ag software application. The company is a subsidiary of Edit, LLC which also has a division for website and graphic design and is known for a successful internship program that provides users with high-quality software while giving back to the community and strengthening the local economy.For more information, visit

ABOUT WEST HILLS FARM SERVICES West Hills Farm Services, Inc. together with West Hills Financial, LLC is a full-service, end-to-end solution for managing ag-based businesses. Specializing in large plot tree-crops including pistachios and almonds, West Hills manages farms all over Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Kern counties.

Lucy G Alvarado
Montage for Ag
Marketing & Customer Success Specialist
(559) 999-5695

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