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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month: IIA Honors Representative John D’Amico

Association Reminds Illinois Drivers to “Just Drive”

Springfield,Illinois (PR MediaRelease) April 10, 2018

This April, the Illinois Insurance Association (IIA) is joining with its member insurance companies, law enforcement and community leaders to remind Illinois motorists of all ages to focus on the road while driving.  The awareness campaign coincides with the IIA’s annual lobby day activities that includes recognition of State Representative John D’Amico as legislator of the year.

“The Illinois Insurance Association and its member insurance companies are committed to helping Illinois motorists stay safe and choosing to avoid distractions is something simple all drivers can do to increase their chances of avoiding an accident and getting home alive,” said Kevin Martin, IIA Executive Director.

“Illinois motorists across the state have found a faithful advocate in Representative D’Amico,” said Elise Spriggs, Chair of the IIA.  “During Distracted Driving Awareness month, we honor Representative D’Amico as a safe driving champion with years of effective advocacy for safer roads.”

Representative D’Amico was chosen as legislator of the year for traffic safety work that spans more than ten years.  Most recently he spearheaded policies and practices that discourage distracted driving including banning hand-held devices and passing a ban on texting while driving.

D’Amico’s legislative biography also includes work on the Graduated Drivers License program that has contributed to a 50 percent drop in teen fatalities since 2007.  Other lifesaving policies include his work on the Blood Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device that has contributed to a 67 percent reduction in repeat drunk driving offenses.

John D’Amico was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 2005.  He currently serves as Chairman of the Illinois House Transportation: Vehicle and Safety Committee.

“It is great to see insurance companies and safety advocates raise awareness to the problem of distracted driving on Illinois roadways,” said Representative D’Amico.  “I am proud of the work we’ve done in the General Assembly on this issue and remain committed to improving traffic safety in the future.”

Every day in the United States, distracted driving – engaging in any activity that takes attention away from driving – claims an average of nine lives and injures more than 1,000 drivers, passengers and pedestrians.  Driving distractions can include texting, but also eating, adjusting the radio of GPS, speaking on a hand-held phone, talking with passengers or anything else that takes the motorist’s eyes or focus off the road.

“The number of deadly traffic accidents has increased sharply in the past two years.  The Illinois Insurance Association, Representative D’Amico and other advocates across the state want drivers to know they can make decisions to keep from becoming part of that statistic,” said Spriggs.  “From new apps to eating on the run, life in 2018 presents countless reasons for drivers to lose focus behind the steering wheel.  Don’t fall for the distractions.  Just drive.”


The Illinois Insurance Association (IIA) is an insurance trade association that represents member companies before the Illinois legislature, executive branch, and media. In addition, the IIA seeks to promote a greater consumer understanding of insurance products.

Kevin J. Martin
Illinois Insurance Assocaition
Executive Director


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