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Austin-based MATERIAL Is Free Ecommerce For Your Small Or Medium Sized Business!

Whatever you’re selling, do it easier, more beautifully AND FREE with the support and modern technology of Austin’s MATERIAL.COM.

Austin,Texas (PR MediaRelease) April 28, 2016

Material – the new free ecommerce platform for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners – announces its beta launch. Material features modern content and focuses on the entrepreneurial user experience by meeting a massive and rapidly growing demand for a highly functional, ecommerce-based freemium experience.

“The core tenets of Material focus on a fresh, simple, and intuitive ecommerce product that grows with the needs of its customers. Material sellers can create and develop their own brand, via vibrant storefronts, simple design and seamless checkout experiences,” said Founder & CEO Kevin Sproles.

With an aim to democratize ecommerce for all – to give aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and everyone in between the opportunity to sell their goods without the upfront cost –there are no ads, and no transaction fees. Material not only features a wholly integrated user experience and highly functional themes with a content-rich bend, but is also built to grow a thriving community for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Material will be tapping into a large developer community to build custom integrations and apps, with a deeper focus on the content management system (CMS) component of its website builder, while still maintaining great ecommerce functionality.

“Material’s leading feature is its ecommerce strength, whereas most free site builders currently have it as an option, or add-on product. It has a more powerful infrastructure because its all cloud-based, which means it’s faster and more reliable,” said Ken Jackson, VP of Technology.

Lauren Hill, brand manager for Material, said Material epitomizes the future of ecommerce.

“Material is a free, content-inspired experience, by and for engaging consumers. It’s simply and truly fun. When Material customers are successful, Material is successful.”

Material is based in Austin, Texas. Visit


For butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers, sell your wares on MATERIAL.COM, anywhere, for free!

Sarah Lewis

Lauren Hill
Brand Manager

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