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Longmont,Colorado (PR MediaRelease) January 12, 2016 - ASI Semiconductor, Inc. (ASI) a manufacturer of high power radio frequency (RF) transistors, has introduced a portfolio of high performance state-of-the-art RF power MOSFETs in die and wafer form, for pulsed amplifier applications such as Avionics, Radar, and distance measuring equipment (DME). Read more
Lansing,Michigan (PR MediaRelease) November 18, 2015 - Management of the nation’s aging transportation infrastructure constitutes a growing financial burden. Limited resources are available for inspection, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and replacement of the deteriorating infrastructure. More efficient management of the aging concrete-based transportation infrastructure, enabled by thorough and practical condition assessment techniques, would allow for effective use of available resources to maintain a viable transportation system. Read more
Springfield,Illinois (PR MediaRelease) September 10, 2015 - For the past three plus years news reports across the country have detailed the severe budget crisis for school districts. Adding to the budget woes of schools are the technology demands of federally required PARCC assessment tests and other online curriculum that consequently requires a robust technology environment at school. Read more
Phoenix,Arizona (PR MediaRelease) August 26, 2015 - James Snodgrass (Owner - Phoenix PC Networking) and Edward Kopp (Owner - Hit F1 Arizona) have joined together to form Level 1 Compliance, L.L.C. Level 1 Compliance provides support to merchants throughout the Southwest in PCI-DSS Compliance as well as HIPAA Compliance for medical firms. These network security services are in addition to the wide range of technical support and consultation already provided by their respective companies. Read more
Sacramento,California (PR MediaRelease) May 6, 2015 - The California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) and Guarantee Digital have announced a strategic partnership that will enable CNPA members to offer agency-level digital marketing and services to their local advertising clients. Services will include platform-responsive web design, social media management, native advertising and a full-range of targeted digital marketing solutions for web, mobile, video, email and more. Read more