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“Darkness Is Not Eternal” by Sidney L. Jackson Explores the Saga of Forbidden Love

Darkness Is Not Eternal, is a powerful narrative of love and the strength and enduring power of family unity that overshadows the conflicts between white slave owners and their slaves in the pre-Civil War era.

Darkness Is Not Eternal

Princeton,New Jersey (PR MediaRelease) October 1, 2019

Sidney L. Jackson tells in his new ebook released today a story about the trials and tribulations of two families, during the American Civil War period, existing simultaneously in two different worlds but sharing encounters with supernatural forces that confront both of them in like manner. The master-slave relationship on the plantation and the saga of forbidden love is explored here in such an absorbing manner that it draws the reader right into the adventures. As the reader is engaged in the book’s various adventures and challenging situations which mirror real life, the author provides relevant scriptures that deal with the predicament. The ebook was released by HMG ePublishing and is available through the major online retailers.

Darkness Is Not Eternal is an intense work of historical and supernatural fiction penned by author Sidney L. Jackson. Set in the South during some of the United States’s darkest days of slavery, mistreatment and racial prejudice, the story takes its readers deep into the hearts and minds of those on both sides of the class divide. In an intimate exploration of the forbidden connections between masters and slaves, we are introduced to the players from two families struggling with supernatural incursions in their lives. Though they come from different worlds, shared experiences draw parallels between them that they might never have thought of, testing their faith against darkness and showing them the way to a brighter future.

Fans of atmospheric fiction will enjoy the work of author Sidney L. Jackson for the dialogue alone, which sight-reads with the Southern dialect and brings its characters off the page into literal living color from the moment they appear. The plot itself features many intense moments, relationship thrills and a rather startling conclusion. Overall, the general themes of character depth, the threat of darkness and the struggle which seems endless are central to the story and re-emerge many times. Jackson’s character development is key, giving us intimate insight through close-up narration so that we can hear the characters’ thoughts in our heads and feel the very visceral sensations of the uncertainty and danger that they undergo during the tale. Overall, Darkness Is Not Eternal is well worth sticking with if you enjoy its unique narrative style, and will bring the darkest elements of America’s past to light with a harrowing tale that does offer some hope at its end.

About Author

Sidney L. Jackson is the author of “Darkness Is Not Eternal,” an HMG ePublishing offering. He was born in New York City and spent his later childhood and young adult years in the city of Newark, NJ. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from Hampton University and pursued post graduate studies in guidance and counseling and business modeling at Seton Hall University and Rutgers University.

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