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DIY Network Seeking Remote Cabin Remodelers Who Salvage Cabins In Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Detroit,Michigan (PR MediaRelease) March 8, 2017

Due to the overwhelming success of DIY network’s, Maine Cabin Masters, Dorsey Pictures is looking in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan for the next soon-to-be-stars of the cabin-renovation space.

Does your build team live for rehabbing old, run down abandoned cabins in rough, bush terrain, revitalizing a little bit of backwoods history in the process?

Our cameras will follow the entire reclaim process: discovering the forgotten and fallen cabins, tracking down the owners (living or deceased), setting up makeshift camps during the rehab process, and witnessing the team as they
 adapt, improvise, and persevere in the face of remarkable challenges to save old forgotten remote properties, breathing new life into them.

If you and your build team specialize in reclaim renovation, please contact as soon as possible as casting for builders/contractors has begun.


In the email please provide the following information:




LOCATION OF PROPERTY/PROJECT (Please include photos if possible):

TYPE OF STRUCTURE/ STYLE (log cabin, A-frame, hunting cabin, square footage, stories, etc):

PLEASE LIST ALL MEMBERS OF THE BUILD TEAM (Please provide names if available, jobs/duties, and brief bio if possible – how do they all work together as a crew?)

MAJOR HURDLES TO GET TO THE ABANDONED PROPERTY? (Weather, terrain, remoteness, supplies, have to live out at the site for X amount of weeks, animals, etc):

TRANSPORTATION EXPECTATIONS OF MATERIALS AND CREW? (planes, helicopters, horses, snow machines, boats and barges?)


More info on Maine Cabin Masters, the hit DIY series:

Whitney Hayes
Dorsey Pictures


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