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Finally, Advocates and Agents Working for the Mineral Owner

Experience on the Mineral Owner’s side during the selling of their mineral interests

JLC Partners - Advocates and Agents for the Mineral Seller

Denver,Colorado (PR MediaRelease) December 5, 2018

Many mineral owners find that selling their mineral rights is a confusing, pain-staking process.  How do you know if the price in front of you is the best price you can get in the marketplace?  Is now the right time to sell?  Since my neighbor, who only lives a few miles from me, sold their minerals last year for $10,000 per acre, I should get that much or more, right?  And, many more questions…

Now, mineral owners have someone to turn to for answers, introducing JLC Partners, The Mineral Seller’s AdvocateSM.  An experienced team of advocates in the role of selling agent for the mineral owner.  Recently, one of their initial clients, Keith Roberts, remarked that, “The JLC Partners’ marketing process brought a personal approach and assured me that the transaction would be successful… besides, they were able to get almost twice what I had been initially offered.”

With over 60 combined years of experience Jeff Capen and Grant Ross are driven in their advocacy role to answer your questions, provide counsel on the marketplace, and if you so decide, they will personally market and sell your mineral property, as your selling agent.  All of this at no risk to you because JLC Partners only gets paid, when you get paid.

Rest assured, JLC Partners does not work for any oil and gas company nor do they work for any mineral buyers.  You know those people, they are the ones who call at all hours and come knocking at your door as you are sitting down to supper.  JLC Partners works for you the mineral seller.  Their business model, while unique and disruptive in the oil and gas industry, is similar to that of the familiar residential real estate broker.  Only JLC Partners provides a personalized, oil & gas experienced approach.

Once you decide to sell your mineral interests, which mineral buyers do you contact?  There are well over 50 different mineral buyers working this area.  As another unique characteristic of JLC Partners’ marketing approach, they continuously qualify and vet the numerous mineral buyers.  That means, as your selling agent, they market to only pre-qualified mineral buyers who are ready, willing, and able to purchase and close on your property, and at a competitive market price.

As a mineral owner, you have a valuable, marketable asset.  In the same way you protect your house or land, take the time to guard your oil and gas mineral asset against aggressive, questionable business practices.  Your attorney is critical to ensuring the use of fair and equitable agreements.  JLC Partners, working for the mineral owner, has proven to be indispensable in successfully guiding the selling process and ensuring the highest market price.

Guard against these business practices by making sure you bring all correspondence and contracts, sent to you by any mineral buyer, to your attorney.  Do not be a victim and allow yourself to be coerced by the overly aggressive, unscrupulous mineral buyer.  Often they will tell mineral sellers that you must sign immediately or the deal will be gone.  Remember, if one mineral buyer is interested, it is likely that other mineral buyers are also interested in your mineral property.

JLC Partners: In 2018, JLC Partners established an advocacy and agency to help oil and gas mineral owners sell their mineral interests. Up to this point, the owners had very few avenues to identify or obtain a fair market price for their mineral property. JLC Partners employs its trademarked process of “Educate-Evaluate-Negotiate-Counsel-Close”. We work for the mineral owner. As we progress into 2019, vetting and pre-qualifying the mineral buyer remains a primary focus. We also intend to expand our mineral seller advocacy and selling agent services for every step of the mineral selling process.

For more information, please contact Grant Ross at 303-885-2083, email, or visit the JLC Partners’ website at

Grant Ross
JLC Partners LLC

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