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Four Facts About Appointment Reminders Every Practice Fusion User Should Know

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Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) November 3, 2016

Fact # 1:  If you do not provide appointment reminders, within two weeks your “No Show” rate will easily double if not more.  And the further in advance you make your appointments, the higher that no show rate will grow.  So the number one rule is to always provide reminders.

Fact # 2:  If you send your reminders via email, less then 20% of emails are read.

Fact # 3:  Approximately 35% of your patients actually answer appointment reminder calls meaning 65% go to voice mail or are unanswered altogether

Fact # 4: 98% of all texts are read

Knowing these four facts, you can quickly understand what solution will deliver the best results.   PatientlySpeaking was established with a clear understanding of these 4 facts.  We have been providing Appointment Reminders along with A/R Courtesy calls to Practice Fusion customers as well as many other PM products in the marketplace for over 5 years.

To learn more about PatientlySpeaking services and how they can help your practice or billing company increase revenue go to

PatientlySpeaking is a service dedicated to the medical community. We have spent the last 4 years generating millions of calls and texts for practices and billing companies across the country. During that time we worked closely with our clients to determine optimal procedures, messages and timing to generate the best outcome – and you benefit from those efforts.

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