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Illinois Nonprofit offers a Chromebook alternative to relieve the technology budget woes of schools.

The perfect beast to withstand punishment only a sixth grader can deliver!

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Springfield,Illinois (PR MediaRelease) September 10, 2015

For the past three plus years news reports across the country have detailed the severe budget crisis for school districts. Adding to the budget woes of schools are the technology demands of federally required PARCC assessment tests and other online curriculum that consequently requires a robust technology environment at school. Additionally, students are required to be computer literate with software programs in order to participate in school and to complete homework. Considering the above, what’s needed is an affordable technology solution for schools while meeting the needs of students, school budgets, and taxpayers. In the third quarter of last year schools purchased 715,000 Chromebooks for students.

The primary school budget issue is total cost of ownership and laptop survivability. Developed by the nonprofit Computer Banc, the CBook is the perfect beast to withstand the punishment only a sixth grader can deliver! Does the CBook work in a school using the Chrome Management Console?..Yes. Does the Cbook use the cloud like a Chromebook?..Yes. Does the student use the same Google Chrome browser?..Yes. Can a student do the same schoolwork using a CBook?…Yes. A CBook is a Dell business class laptop that has been re-purposed for use with the Google Chrome browser. Like a Chromebook, the CBook uses a Linux based operating system. And, the CBook and the Chromebook both use identical SSD Solid State Drives for a comparable performance.

The CBook has a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of roughly half that of a Chromebook. The CBook is also more durable and can better survive the rigors of the K – 12th grade user. Computer Banc offers a two year system warranty compared to a one year Chromebook warranty. Chromebook extended warranty fees are typically $110.00 per computer and are paid at time of purchase. Only Computer Banc offers an exchange repair/replace program for just $45 per exchange. Don’t’ break the CBook and there are no additional costs! If you do break it…just $45.00. Therefore the TCO is dramatically reduced by a minimum of $110.00 per student.

As an additional savings, the Chrome Management Console registration fee of $30.00 per Chromebook is not required using a CBook. Total potential savings per student is $140.00. With a purchase price of just $148.00, no warranty fee and no registration fee, the savings is significant. There are minor performance tradeoffs in using a non-Chrome laptop that are manageable by administrators. There is no significant performance difference to the student.

The CBook is available to both individual students and school districts. Computer Banc is a sixteen year old United Way member agency that has been serving students as its core mission. The mission was expanded to serve schools and other nonprofit organizations in 2010.  The Computer Banc Board of Director’s and its many volunteers are dedicated to providing Grade A computers to schools and underserved populations throughout Illinois.

Additional information can be found at

The schools need to, at least, seriously look at what Computer Banc is doing. We are a sixteen year old non profit whose mission is to support children in school.If the schools going to make a major technology purchase, why wouldn’t they test our Chromebook alternative computer? I’m not saying Chromebooks are bad. But there is very affordable alternative. Our schools can save half of their school tech budget with a CBook.

david fowler
Computer Banc
Executive Director

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We don’t know why the website page does not scroll to the right. My apology. If you go directly to you will see the CBook tabs in the upper right hand corner. There is a FAQ section that contains considerable school, technical and warranty information. David Fowler, Executive Director

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