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Kigh CBD, New Jersey’s Ultimate Choice For CBD Products

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Howell,New Jersey (PR MediaRelease) May 6, 2019

At Kigh, our focus has been on developing quality products for our customers and making sure that we are able to cater to our existing and perspective customers. There are way too many brands out there today, which is making our choice for a quality product very challenging. You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing an ad or a display for CBD, but it’s very important to understand where that product is coming from and know that you have a place to go for your questions to be answered.

One of the reasons we started this business is because we knew that CBD provided an amazing alternative to many of the harsh prescription and over the counter drugs out there but had no reliable and trusting place to understand why that was. We began doing the research ourselves and are now spending all of our time at local events, festivals and other industry events to share that information with all that were in the same position as we once were.

Relief, Kigh’s Top Selling CBD Topical for Pain Management

Our Relief topical was something that we had been making for ourselves and sharing with friends and family, well before we officially became Kigh CBD. The main difference was that previously, the product did not contain CBD. The base product had always been amazing, which combines MCT oil, Jojoba oil and shea butter with our blend of 7 of the best-known essential oils for helping relieve inflammation, which is one of the primary symptoms that cause discomfort. Things completely changed once we added CBD to this already fantastic product. Here is a quote from one of our customers:

“My husband suffers with terrible back pain and has thought about surgery. After meeting with the Kigh CBD team and using the Relief product, it has helped tremendously and will continue to be one of their customers! Thanks for listening to us and providing guidance and your help. Amazing!”

Relief is just one of the products that we offer at Kigh and while it’s our most popular topical product, it’s not our only product. Quality products start with quality ingredients and our CBD is the best. We spent many months researching and visiting with hemp growers around the country and are proud to say that our CBD is Hemp Authority Certified. Very simply put, that means that you can expect to get the same great results, consistently, from all of our CBD products.

For more information about Kigh CBD and our products, visit our website at

Kigh CBD is your family owned and operated, health and wellness brand, based in Howell, NJ. We make our own products to guarantee you’re getting exactly what is promised.

Nicole Neukum
Kigh CBD


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