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Las Vegas Science Fiction Community Feeds a Hungry Inner Spirit

Escape in Las Vegas to the compelling world of science fiction, fantasy, and horror

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Las Vegas,Nevada (PR MediaRelease) October 16, 2018

Las Vegas is famous for enabling people to escape from everyday reality into exciting and fun diversions, so it is no surprise that an emerging science fiction, fantasy, and horror escapism is spreading here. People who live here or come for a visit know that Las Vegas is unique in encouraging escapism that makes live worth living. To tap into that spirit a new online community named “Sci Fi Las Vegas” is enjoying a public debut October 19 through 21 at The Palms Casino Resort at a film festival known as “Sin City Horror Fest.”

Woody Goulart, founder, of a Las Vegas business coaching and marketing company named Buzz Community | B Com, LLC, dreamed up the new science fiction online community to plug into what he sees as a hidden trend. He said, “Las Vegas will soon see the arrival of the highly-anticipated Area 15, a radical new arts and entertainment venue near the Strip that will fuse fantasy and reality in a unique setting to attract locals and visitors. Ahead of that 2019 opening, the new science fiction Las Vegas community is here today. This open online community feeds a hungry inner spirit people of all ages nurture whenever they seek escape from day-to-day living by venturing into the immersive world of science fiction storytelling.”

The popularity is very clear for movies, television, videos, comic books, collectibles, music, and other products that appeal to enthusiasts who flock to the related genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. “Sci Fi Las Vegas” offers a way to bring everyone together online in one convenient place to interact with others who think and feel the same about the need for healthy escapism.

Those interested in more about the Las Vegas science fiction community and business coaching or marketing can discover more at Buzz Community Online | B Com, LLC in Las Vegas.

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Buzz Community Online | B Com, LLC

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