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Level 1 Compliance, L.L.C. – Network Security For Business

Helping Businesses Meet The Requirements Of PCI-DSS And HIPAA

Level 1 Compliance, LLC

Phoenix,Arizona (PR MediaRelease) August 26, 2015

James Snodgrass (Owner – Phoenix PC Networking) and Edward Kopp (Owner – Hit F1 Arizona) have joined together to form Level 1 Compliance, L.L.C.    Level 1 Compliance provides support to merchants throughout the Southwest in PCI-DSS Compliance as well as HIPAA Compliance for medical firms.  These network security services are in addition to the wide range of technical support and consultation already provided by their respective companies.


Phoenix PC Networking / James Snodgrass – Owner:

Phoenix PC Networking is a complete technology and business communications solution provider for the Phoenix Metro Area located in Chandler, Arizona. They carry a comprehensive lineup of hardware and software products in addition to Professional IT Services so that they may offer their clients the technologies required to succeed.

“In today’s business world the “fast eats the slow versus big eats the small” of yesteryear.  We design IT solutions for small and medium business that they may compete with large.” | James Snodgrass/Owner |

Hit F1 Arizona / Edward Kopp – PCIP – Owner:

Hit F1 Arizona is a full-service technology support company serving the State of Arizona and beyond.  Hit F1 Arizona offers complete technology solutions and support for your business or home including IT Project Management, networks, hardware and software, consultation, support, service and repair.

“Our goal is to build relationships with our clients.  In order to succeed we provide the most appropriate solutions, timely service and we do so while protecting your bottom line.”  | Edward Kopp/Owner |

Level 1 Compliance / James Snodgrass & Edward Kopp – PCIP – Owners:

Together James and Edward have teamed up to provide solid compliance support to businesses that are subject PCI-DSS and HIPAA requirements.

Level 1 Compliance has made substantial investment that they provide a superior level of support to their clients in network security and compliance efforts.  Edward Kopp has completed certification as a PCI Professional (Certificate # 1002-346.)  They have also obtained “state-of-the-art” network and systems security scanning equipment and software.  In addition to providing direct-to-client services, Level 1 Compliance provides services as an agent for other IT Support companies who wish to provide their clients with this level of data security analysis.

“Your company’s effort to attain / maintain PCI or HIPAA Compliance provides additional benefits.  Compliance will more than likely put you in a better position to meet additional industry  or brand standards.  It will certainly improve your compliance status with each of the individual Credit Card Brand Security Standards as well help your company avoid the potentially severe financial impact of a data breach.”  | Edward Kopp/Owner |

Level 1 Compliance Site / James Snodgrass (480) 820-8876 / Edward Kopp (480) 766-6188 /



Level 1 Compliance provides support to merchants throughout the Southwest in PCI-DSS Compliance as well as HIPAA Compliance for medical firms.

Edward Kopp
Level 1 Compliance, LLC
(480) 766-6188
James Snodgrass
Level 1 Compliance, LLC
(480) 820-8876
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