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Mahoney Files Open Records Request Asking Comptroller’s Office to Provide Economic Communications

Tim Mahoney, Follows up on Hegar’s Campaign Response in Sunday’s Austin American Statesman

Tim Mahoney for Comptroller

Austin,Texas (PR MediaRelease) March 6, 2018

Yesterday, in an article published in the Austin American Statesman, a Glen Hegar Campaign spokesman said the Comptroller’s Office”regularly shares data with lawmakers. ‘Comptroller Hegar will continue to focus on serving Texas taxpayers,’ [the spokesman] said in a statement. ‘He will continue to be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars while providing Texans, their families and their businesses with the best possible government at the lowest possible cost. In his second term, Comptroller Hegar will also continue to provide lawmakers with honest assessments of the Texas economy, accurate revenue projections and responsible, conservative fiscal counsel on policy decisions.’”

In response to statements from the Hegar campaign, Democratic Candidate for Comptroller Tim Mahoney submitted an Open Records Request asking that the Comptroller’s office provide copies (in electronic form) of all communications that Hegar and/or the Comptroller’s office has had with legislators in 2017 regarding data about the Texas economy, revenue projections, and fiscal counsel on policy decisions.

With th issuance of the Open Records Request, Mahoney said: “It’s time we get real information about who is involved with information about the Texas economy, and why most of us do not know what is going on, why we were not planning ahead for disasters that could happen (like Hurricane Harvey), and why our educational system is broken.”

Normally a governmental entity has 10 business days to respond to an Open Records Request, but the volume of data could allow for more time for the governmental entity to release such information, and Mahoney said that he would be willing to work with the Comptroller’s office on the release, but it should be released

“No longer should governmental officials be able to make statements without citizens being able to check verify the veracity of those statements,” Mahoney added.

“I’m sure this information will give us some insight as to what has been happening in Texas that most of us do not know about.  Planning has been happening, but not in the public arena. For democracy, it has been a case of the tail wagging the dog.  It will take us years to unravel this behavior, but it must be done.” said Mahoney.

For more information, please contact the Campaign at (512) 566-5224,, our website at:

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Tim Mahoney
Candidate for Texas Comptroller

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