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Mahoney Files to Be the Texas Comptroller on the March 2018 Democratic Primary Ballot

“We Need a State Governnent That Works for All of Us”

Austin, and all cities in Texas,Texas (PR MediaRelease) December 11, 2017

On the heels of his endorsement by the Our Revolution Central Texas, Tim Mahoney has filed to be on the Democratic Primary ballot in March 2018.

“We need a state government that works for all of us, not one that brags about how much it saves in taxes, and is against the federal government. The current Comptroller bragged in his campaign announcement on November 14, 2017, that he was proud of the “8″ taxes he and his allies had eliminated. This while people from Houston to Corpus Christi were and are still suffering from the State’s lack of planning for climate change. While Republicans have been complaining about Washington’s waste, without the largesse of the federal government, Texans would be suffering even more,” Mahoney said.

“We need to better understand how our tax burden has shifted away from the wealthy. Texans need to feel that our State government is working for them regarding the real uncertainties that we face going into the future. As an essential part of our campaign for Texas Comptroller, we will be reaching out to every part of the State to begin the process of ensuring that local citizens have an organized and coherent voice for our common futures.

“It is not only counter-productive, it is immoral, for State leaders to demonize cities and citizens alike. Without a common belief for a better future, our citizens will be demoralized about the welfare of their families in the years to come.

“State leaders have been starving our educational systems for years, from Pre-K to universities. We need to put an end to that trend; we need to get good information to every region of the State to demonstrate that we are building towards a better future. We need to better understand the differences in every region of the State of Texas, but we need to also understand what we all have in common: planning for and building our local economies for a better future for our families.

“Certainly nothing will be done overnight, but we need to start the process of empowering regular Texans today. Democracy is a process that only works if we are all working on it together, with respect and trust,” said Mahoney. “Matter of fact, change happens at the speed of Trust.”

For more information, please contact the Campaign at (512) 566-5224, or our website at: Pol. Ad. Paid for by the Tim Mahoney for Comptroller Campaign, John Cordova, Treasurer, PO Box 170609, Dallas, TX 75217

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