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Marcal Paper Workers Displaced by Fire Retain Workplace Rights

In an instance like the Marcal Plant Fire workers may have many questions in regards to their future.

Bagolie & Friedman

Jersey City,New Jersey (PR MediaRelease) February 7, 2019

Panic and uncertainty surround the future of the nearly 500 workers who have effectively been displaced by the fire that consumed the historic building.  One thing, however is certain; that the workers retain their workplace rights.  These may include the right to file workers compensation claims for any accidents that had occurred over the last few years;  the right to get their lungs and hearing tested to determine if any breathing problems, bronchitis or hearing loss are related to the exposure encountered working for Marcal and the right to collect overtime, vacation pay and unemployment benefits.  Local workers’ compensation law firm Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers has dedicated it’s resources to helping Marcal workers learn their rights and is offering confidential and free consultations.  “These workers have questions and we can help provide the answers, without cost” says attorney Ricky Bagolie.  Mr. Bagolie and Alan Friedman may be reached at 973-546-5414 or on the web at

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