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Money Available to Illinois Public School Teachers

$36,500 Available to Illinois Public School Teachers

Illinois Retired Teachers Association Foundation

Springfield,Illinois (PR MediaRelease) May 10, 2017

The Illinois Retired Teachers Association Foundation (IRTAF) is making $36,500 in grant money available statewide to individual public school class room teachers (PK-12) for the 2017-18 school year. These grants are designed for special projects the teachers might not be able to have funded through the normal budgetary process. In this time of short budgets, state shortfalls and economic and budgetary insecurity for public schools, these grants can be very helpful.

“These grants won’t only assist teachers doing their work, but ultimately students will benefit as well,” Dave Davison, president of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association said. “Our goal and hope is that our state’s teachers have the tools and resources available to inspire and empower students. With these grants, we believe better instruction will be delivered and more students will be engaged as learners.”

“It’s great to know that an organization like the IRTAF supports teachers when dollars for education are so tight,” Portia Stueve, an IRTA member from Waterloo, Illinois said. “Grants like these have a ripple effect, from the teacher to the student, through the school, through the community and then ultimately through the state.”

To apply, download, complete, and submit the application online by visiting The application can be found in the IRTA Foundation section. All applications must be submitted by June 1, 2017. A special committee will select the recipients of the grants. Grant awards will be presented in the fall.

“Far too often teachers spend money out of their own pocket to supplement classroom and learning experiences,” Davison concluded. “Founded by teachers, the IRTAF prides itself not only by assisting retired teachers now living in poverty but the great ideas and visions teachers have for their students but are limited by lack of funds.”



The Illinois Retired Teachers Association represents 37,000 retired teachers and their families. IRTA is the sole watchdog for retired teachers in the Illinois legislature. Its goal is to maintain and improve benefits for annuitants of the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS); promote education and the professional, social and economic status of all members; and work in cooperation with other organizations to obtain these goals. For more information, to JOIN or RENEW NOW as a member or associate, visit IRTA’s website at,, &

Nathan Mihelich
Illinois Retired Teachers Association


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