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MultiAd’s New App, LocalPrices, helps media companies grow mobile ad revenue

LocalPrices App Helps Build a Profitable Network of Local Merchants.

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Peoria,Illinois (PR MediaRelease) September 9, 2015

MultiAd announces the release of a deal/offer platform for media companies called LocalPrices. LocalPrices helps merchants quickly push last minute deals and offers to shoppers using mobile devices. The LocalPrices platform includes a branded mobile app and web-based software that help a media company easily manage their merchants and offers. By offering a platform for the local retailer to integrate mobile, website, social media and print-based offerings in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner, the media company will build and maintain revenue that is being spent elsewhere – all while engaging the local consumer.

Knowing mobile devices are the key to consumer engagement, MultiAd is excited to give their customers a new tool to facilitate this engagement. “Local merchants are busy and under pressure. They can’t always predict what they might need to sell, make or prepare on any given day. Sometimes customers return product, cancel appointments or the merchant deals with perishable goods that must be sold by day’s end. LocalPrices gives these merchants an opportunity to promote and sell their goods – fast – while the media company monetizes the process,” says Brian Dickerson, VP of Product Development at MultiAd.

The LocalPrices app lets merchants create an offer in minutes with a photo, heading and description, plus start and stop time details. They can then book and pay for the offer directly from their mobile phone. Plus, unlike a lot of coupon and group buying sites, the merchant gets the money from the consumer upfront and keeps everything but the small cost of the ad. LocalPrices also reduces the hoops the shoppers must jump through to make a purchase, with no minimum purchase, no waiting period, and no coupons or codes to scan.

“We have worked with the media for decades and know there is no greater avenue for the local retail community to get their ads out locally. With LocalPrices, the media has a whole new way to reach these shoppers and direct them into the hands of THEIR customers – the restaurants, bars and merchants who might have moved some of their advertising spend elsewhere,” states Dickerson. “We know that everyone is looking for options and we feel LocalPrices is the perfect way to easily regain some of this revenue without having to solely rely on traditional forms of media.”

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Since 1945, MultiAd has been a leading provider of advertising products and services with a progressive, client-centered approach. MultiAd offers a range of solutions designed to increase productivity and revenue for newspaper advertising departments including Creative Outlet, Recas, LocalPrices, Creator Professional, and Kwikee.

Jill Addy Wright
MA AdBuilder, a division of MultiAd

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