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NAVO Issues Statement to Election Officials Regarding Possible Voting Tampering

Brian Fox, renowned computer scientist and creator of the Bash Shell, releases a statement on behalf of the California Association of Voting Officials that calls for an investigation of the 2016 Presidential voting process.

National Association of Voting Officials

Los Angeles,California (PR MediaRelease) November 30, 2016

Election process experts from the California Association of Voting Officials have concluded that the voting machines in several states were “vulnerable to manipulation” in the 2016 Presidential election. In their statement, the experts cite several methods of modifying the software and tally system, which are widely understood by the computer science community and have been demonstrated time and again. “As technology and election administration experts, it is our studied opinion that, in numerous jurisdictions and states, there is currently enough available evidence to warrant a delay in the certification process for the 2016 Presidential contest,” says Brent Turner, CAVO Secretary. “Based on the totality of the circumstance to include Microsoft platforms, proprietary software, inadequate procedures as well as compelling polling data, we believe recounts, audits, and investigations are warranted “ The CAVO statement outlines several known attack vectors that could be used. According to Brian Fox, “We cannot currently know, until further study, the exact method that was used to possibly modify the outcome.” The statement goes on to say that the examination of exit data, collected by Edison Exit Polling, shows a large and unprecedented discrepancy between the exit polling and the final vote count at minimum in certain states—the so-called swing states of Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Says Fox, “That we found this discrepancy in these states is especially troubling.” Technologist Fox further states, “The 2016 systems in question are proprietary. The source code is not available to the general public, and thus we cannot examine the code for bugs. This would not prevent foreign entities with the size and power of a nation from hacking into the manufacturer’s location and retrieving a copy of the source code. Such an entity can then discover “zero-day” software bugs and exploit them against the systems in the field. In addition, such an entity would be eminently capable of replacing some of the code at the manufacturer, so updates sent out to the field would contain a “backdoor” or other nefarious code.” The group is calling for Secretaries of State and local election officials to delay certification of their vote counts until a robust recount, audit or further investigation occurs. The National Association of Voting Officials can be found at

National Association of Voting Officials, working with community members and election officials, exists to aid in the effort toward the development of secure and transparent voting systems.

Susan Tibibian
California Association of Voting Officials
Founder and Secretary
(650) 726-1133


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