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New Details Released about Lisa Joy Theris’ near Death Experience

Union Springs,Alabama (PR MediaRelease) August 16, 2018

August 12, 2018, marked one year that Lisa Joy Theris was found naked alongside State Highway 82 near Midway, AL. She had been lost in the dense rural forest for 25 days and nights with no clothes, no food and no phone. Theris had absolutely nothing, except the will to survive. Her story made national news. The harsh realities of what Theris endured are just now coming to light.

According to a recently released book, Naked with Only the Will to Survive, Lisa ate muscadines, mushrooms, and a few snails while lost in the woods. Lisa said not being able to brush her teeth was very unpleasant. She would use small twigs to scrub her teeth clean. She often had thoughts of how wonderful it would be just to brush her teeth and take a warm bath. Every night Lisa would try to find a tree when it started to get dark. There was something soothing about trees that made her feel safer. At night bugs would swarm on her body. She had open wounds on the bottoms of her feet and on her legs, as well as many thorns and stickers in her feet. Each step was painful. She had an extreme weight loss from 154 pounds down to 107 pounds. Experts say Lisa Theris was within days of dying from starvation. The book is based on information gathered from many exclusive interviews with Lisa Joy Theris, law enforcement agencies, doctors, experts and other sources.

The book answers many questions like: What were her thoughts while in the woods? How did her family feel while she was missing?  Pictures of her frail body taken within hours of being found are in the book. For more information about Theris’ story and the book, visit

Johnny Adams
Union Springs Herald
Kim Adams Graham
Union Springs Herald
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