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PatientlySpeaking Continues To Enhance Their Patient A/R Platform

Medical practices and RCM organizations can now offer patients the ability to self-pay thru calls and texts, establish recurring payments and utilize virtual terminal capabilities from anywhere as a standard part of the platform

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Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) January 11, 2017

With the patient share of A/R growing beyond 25% of a practice’s revenue, the challenges associated with this part of revenue cycle management are demanding an “upgrade” to the current business practices. PatientlySpeaking believes that automation, integration, analytics and payment options are the four necessary components of any serious upgrade.

Because chasing patient A/R is very costly, introducing automation in as many areas as possible becomes a necessity. Minimizing staff interaction in the process is a driving component of the design. Integration to the data available in the PM and EHR systems is important as it is the method by which the data is captured to drive both the automation and the third component – the business analytics. By reviewing the platform’s analytics, organizations are able to see trends throughout each practice and refine the policies and procedures based upon that information.

The fourth component of the upgrade involves making it easy for the Patient to pay and the PatientlySpeaking Patient A/R Improvement Platform includes all of the key ways – self-pay over the phone, self-pay via text message, recurring payments via credit card and a patient payment portal.

The results – an average of a 20% increase in revenue, a 35% decrease in staff costs, and a 22% decrease in credit card charges.

Whether you utilize Kareo, Practice Fusion, Modernizing Medicine or another product, learn more about how the PatientlySpeaking services can work for you. Visit or contact the team at 855-441-4402.


PatientlySpeaking is a cloud-based communication service dedicated to the medical community. We have spent the last 5 years generating millions of calls and texts for practices and billing companies across the country. Services provided by PatientlySpeaking include Appointment Reminders, Patient A/R Courtesy Calls, During that time we have worked closely with our clients to determine optimal procedures, messages and timing to generate the best outcome – and our customers benefit from those efforts. More information can be found at

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