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Royalty Valuations Now Available Online for Texas Oil and Gas Leases

Royalty Owners now have an independent, data-driven, online resource for estimating the value of their oil and gas leases

Austin,Texas (PR MediaRelease) December 6, 2017

Oil and gas royalty owners and their professional advisers can now get low-cost independent estimated valuations of oil and gas royalties for all the active wells in Texas, online through  The site provides detailed estimates of long term and current market values for 170,000 active oil and gas leases in Texas using the most current Texas Railroad Commission production data.  It is estimated that there are more than two million royalty interests in active Texas oil and gas leases. is being launched by two former Drilling Info executives and a team of petroleum engineers, data scientists, and software developers.  “Our mission is to level the playing field for oil and gas royalty owners and their legal and professional advisers”, said Roger Edmondson, President and co-founder of  “Typically, royalty owners receive unsolicited offers for their royalties and have no affordable or truly forward-looking way to evaluate the fairness of the offers or to understand the long-term income potential of their assets.  We provide comprehensive estimates of the remaining production, royalty income over the projected life of the lease, and discounted current market value so that royalty owners can make better, more informed decisions.”

“ enables royalty owners, attorneys, financial planners, and trust officers to be better informed about the value of their producing minerals”, according to Edmondson.  “Prior to the launch of royalty owners and professional advisers relied on two options for estimating the value of mineral holdings. Those dealing with significant mineral assets may hire a petroleum engineer or mineral appraiser at a cost that can run into the thousands of dollars”.  However, the vast majority of royalty interests are very small or in a single producing lease”, says Edmondson. “Those owners and their advisers often use the back of the envelope method and multiply the past 12 months of royalty income by 36 months to get come up with a current market value. That methodology, while widely used does not provide a comparison of future royalty income based on the projected technical life of the lease or well. Using both current and long term estimated values reflect the projected future production as opposed to past production. Ours is a much more informative approach to estimating royalty values.” employs its own production forecast model based industry-accepted analytical methodologies, up to date production data, and price forecasts from widely followed resources.  Estimated valuations are updated monthly to reflect the most current production and price forecasts. does not purchase royalties.  “We provide unbiased estimates of value,” said Edmondson.  “The users’ information is kept private.  To search for and access estimated valuation reports, the user must provide the lease name, the county, and their royalty interest.  Prospective royalty buyers cannot use to contact the users.”

New users can get one free “snapshot” Valuation Report when they sign up online.  12 months of access to updated estimated valuations are $19.99.  Users can search for their leases for free and  then acquire 12 months of updates for $19.99. is the first online, independent, data-driven resource for oil and gas royalty owners and their legal and financial advisers. It’s mission is to enable users to make better, more informed decisions about their mineral assets.

Roger E Edmondson
Royal Navigator, LLC
President, Co-founder
512 -632-1985

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