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San Antonio Retired Veteran Honored for New Healthcare Invention as Inspirational Senior Texan

LeadingAge Texas Honors Resident of Army Residence Community & Creator of Sensical UO as 2017-2018 Inspirational Senior Texan in Recognition of National Senior Citizens Day

LeadingAge Texas

Austin,Texas (PR MediaRelease) August 21, 2017

LeadingAge Texas, the statewide not-for-profit aging services association, is pleased to announce that Dr. Edward J. Mueller, 66 of Army Residence Community (The ARC) in San Antonio, has been named the 2017-2018 Inspirational Senior Texan. LeadingAge Texas established the award ( in acknowledgment of National Senior Citizens Day, celebrated annually on August 21 to recognize the positive contributions senior citizens make in communities across the country. The award serves as a platform for LeadingAge Texas members to recognize exceptional senior citizens in their communities who make outstanding contributions and inspire others with their actions.

The LeadingAge Texas membership voted Dr. Mueller—or Ed, as his friends call him—most worthy of the honor among a pool of his peers from other LeadingAge Texas communities throughout the state. Ed’s community-focused generosity, coupled with the initiative, creativity, and drive he has poured into the impactful medical device he created (going into production next month), leave no doubt that he is, indeed, inspirational.

Beyond his involvement in and contribution to The ARC, it is what Ed has been doing lately in his “spare time” that is currently inspiring those who know him and making waves in the medical field. After learning of a court case that exposed the detrimental cost to both patient and provider by using frustratingly archaic, time-consuming, and imprecise methods to measure and record a patients urinary output, Ed took his wife’s advice “to do something about it.” Ed, a prolific contributor to the field of urology, converted his insights to the problem into a solution—Sensical UO, a device that measures urine output in patients.

Besides freeing up nurses to provide other care, Ed’s idea-turned-reality will give physicians more timely and accurate data with which to make critical treatment decisions. In the ICU alone, the device’s data could prevent acute kidney injury, which costs the U.S. healthcare industry nearly $10 billion annually to treat and costs far too many patients vital organs and even life itself. Most excitingly, the device could potentially transform care in neonatal intensive care units, where measurement has proven so elusive and difficult.

Having achieved necessary safety certifications, applying for four patents (still pending), developing integrated software, and founding a new company to produce the Sensical UO, Ed met the challenge “to do something about it.” His idea—inspired by a lawsuit— stands to impact the entire global community of patients and doctors alike when his life-saving device goes into production this September. Patients will soon enjoy shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, and better outcomes with a more reliable, timely, and accurate tool at the disposal of those who strive to give quality care.

“Dr. Mueller’s tenacious pursuit of getting Sensical UO into the hands of medical professionals to improve quality of care is beyond inspirational,” said George Linial, President & CEO of LeadingAge Texas. “As we work to boldly pursue LeadingAge’s vision of an ‘America freed from ageism,’ this year’s Inspirational Senior Texan Award recipient stands out as a true example of an individual continuing to live a fulfilling life regardless of age—Dr. Mueller is taking his opportunity and giving back, ultimately encouraging others to do the same.”

Dr. Edward J. Mueller’s quest—from idea to invention—serves as inspiration to all who see that age knows no boundaries for those who dare to meet a challenge, fulfill a need, or share a true gift…even in their “spare time,” said Laura Perry, Resident Services Coordinator, Army Residence Community. 


IMAGE & BIO courtesy of Laura Perry, Resident Services Coordinator, Army Residence Community


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