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Small Business Urges Families To Eat Dinner Together During Red Ribbon Week

Studies consistently find correlation between families who eat dinner together and decreased risk of drug use in their children

Houston,Texas (PR MediaRelease) October 19, 2015

As nearly 80 million people, including schools across the country, are taking a stand against drugs by celebrating National Red Ribbon Week® October 23-31, founder of No Time 2 Cook challenges families to spend more time at the dinner table.

According to their website, The Red Ribbon Campaign® by National Family Partnership is the oldest and largest drug prevention program and awareness campaign in the nation.

That’s why No Time 2 Cook founder Karen Kurr is proud to support Red Ribbon Week and help advocate for a drug-free America. Kurr is urging parents to make a special effort during Red Ribbon Week to sit down with their children for a meal together.

“Time spent with family around the dinner table is crucial to fostering open lines of communication with your children,” Kurr said. “Simply checking in with your children and being aware of what is going on in their lives can have positive effects on their decisions.”

Studies have consistently found a correlation between children who have frequent dinners with their parents being less likely to smoke, drink or use drugs because the parental engagement fostered around the dinner table is a primary factor in parents’ ability to raise healthy, drug-free children.

The Family Dinners Report found that, compared to teens who have frequent family dinners, those who have infrequent family dinners are:

  • Twice as likely to have used tobacco
  • Almost twice as likely to have used alcohol
  • 1 ½ times likelier to have used marijuana

“So please, spend time with your children,” Kurr said. “Preparing meals and eating together is a great way to do so. A typical family dinner only lasts 15-30 minutes, yet those few minutes yield so many benefits.”

This very idea is what her business, No Time 2 Cook, was founded on. Kurr was brought up on home-style cooking from family recipes and cites being raised around the supper table as the reason for her great relationship with her parents.

Kurr sought to provide the same wholesome nutrition and experiences for her own family. But in today’s fast-paced day and age, Kurr and busy moms like her know the constant struggle to gather everyone for a meal and conversation together. Although it took longer to prepare wholesome, nutritious meals, Kurr refused to skimp on quality for the sake of time.

Kurr began making her homemade dishes in bigger batches, and freezing them to save time throughout the week. Word and samples got around in her small town and a few years later, No Time 2 Cook meals can be found in more than 300 Kroger stores throughout the South. Most recently, No Time 2 Cook has expanded into Kroger’s Southwest division, including the Houston and Dallas markets.

Kurr takes great pride in knowing No Time 2 Cook products make it easier than ever for families to gather for a quality, made-from-scratch meal, allowing less time spent preparing dinner and more time around the table.

Kurr also warns, “If you have teens, avoid the simple ‘how was your day’ question! You remember how much of a nuisance it was when your parents asked you that after a long day.”

Teens are the most difficult age to engage with but connecting with them through their interests, like pop culture and current events, can lead to productive conversations.

“It’s not about literally discussing drugs,” Kurr said. “Casual conversation during family time is about establishing a comfort and understanding with each other. That healthy environment will prepare your children to make choices and maybe even discuss difficult issues with you.”

For more information on National Red Ribbon Week®, visit To read more about Karen Kurr or to find No Time 2 Cook products in your area, visit



No Time 2 Cook is a business founded in 2005 in Oxford, Miss., by Karen Kurr, creating wholesome family meals so families can spend less time in the kitchen and more time around the dinner table. No Time to Cook’s family-sized, frozen casseroles are now sold in more than 300 Kroger Stores across the South. To learn more visit

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