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The Family is Still Together

Come visit your favorite winery

Family Winemakers of CA

Sacramento,California (PR MediaRelease) October 19, 2017

The Family is Still Together!

Family Winemakers of California has many members who reside in the North Bay, that just last week were battling wildfires in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. I have spoken to many of those members and we want the public-at-large and most especially all those fans and supporters of wineries in this region to know that The Family is Still Together!

Our members are busy helping friends and strangers alike cope with the losses sustained by the fires through donations, fundraisers, and volunteer activities. Those same members are also still working hard on the 2017 vintage. Most of the fruit from this vintage was already in tanks, fermenting away, and therefore not subject to the rather negative prognostication about “smoke taint” affecting this year’s vintage. The real story is that 90% of the 2017 vintage was already safe and sound.

Growing grapes and making wine is not for wimps.  Mother nature always throws challenges at us – but if nothing else, our industry is resilient and has a “never give up” attitude. Frost in the spring, drought in the summer, rains at harvest and now catastrophic fire that moved so fast many of us didn’t have time to do anything but flee. Yesterday, I spoke with a well know viticulture consultant from Napa who remarked that the many vineyards actually acted as a natural firebreak and prevented the fires from advancing. Who knew those vines our members need for their livelihood would take on a much bigger role than anyone of us could have imagined.

The days ahead will be challenging. People throughout the region will be feeling the impact. But that impact need not get worse. What can you do besides the much appreciated outpouring of love and goodwill this region is receiving?  Come visit your favorite winery. Let them know they are important to you and have a taste of those great wines. Your visit will help everyone in the region by keeping the economy humming. For those of you outside the wildfire area that can’t get to a winery personally – give them a quick call or email and order some wine. This Family is staying together!

Family Winemakers of California was established in 1990 in response to a need for public policy involvement for the small wine producers of California. The association has become a strong force in the wine industry, lobbying for wine producer rights, and has an active membership of over 350 California wineries.
Family Winemakers – Taste California!

Pete Downs
Family Winemakers of CA



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