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United Public Safety Announces the First Ever Mobile, 3-Inch PA Traffic Citation Software

UPsafety changes the game by offering Pennsylvania police departments the capability to issue a court-approved, 3-inch traffic citation on the innovative N5SCAN mobile computer.

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Fort Washington,Pennsylvania (PR MediaRelease) October 2, 2017

United Public Safety is pleased to announce the release of their PA 3 inch traffic citation software issued on the innovative N5SCAN.

According to company President Joan Young, “We have several PD’s that are currently using our 4-inch e-citation format in vehicle that will now use the N5SCAN mobile computer to issue 3-inch citations from motorcycles, bikes and on foot. We knew there had to be a better way to issue a citation than printing and handing three full sheets of paper to a citizen; so we built it, with our most robust user interface and feature set to date”.

The sleek, lightweight N5SCAN mobile computer features a built in printer and high performance scanner as well as a 13MP color camera. It is also ultra-rugged and IP-65 rated for all weather conditions. This device, paired with United Public Safety’s ForCite mobile software allows for the issuance of a PA 3 inch traffic citations on the spot, with a first click to issuance time of less than one minute.

Features Include:
• A direct connection to the AOPC/JNET for instant electronic filing
• Ability to capture photo evidence and attach it to the citation
• A built-in laser scanner, so officers can spend their time keeping the peace, not entering data
• Rip proof, waterproof ticket printing paper at a cost of less than 13¢ per ticket
• Immediately get alerted of repeat offenders during issuance

About United Public Safety
United Public Safety, a Fort Washington, PA based company, was founded in 2011 and employs those with historical experience in
the fields of law enforcement, software development IT, design, public safety sales and service. The company provides Law
Enforcement solutions/services such as e-Citation, Parking and Code Enforcement to municipal, university and hospital clients. Each
client is unique in their requirements and the company strives to tailor their offering to suit each client’s operational needs. Their
software solutions are cutting edge and the objective is always to exceed industry standards. Learn more at

Founded in 2014, UPsafety is a leading provider of enforcement solutions to modern governments. We are committed to the idea that government technology doesn’t have to be outdated, software doesn’t have to be complex to be smart, and that small teams can do big things. Our goal is to bring governments in to the modern age by making cutting edge technology accessible to all.

Joan Young
United Public Safety


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