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VIMOS Technology – High Power RF Transistor for Radar and Avionics

ASI Semiconductor, Inc., introduces a highly rugged, high performance RF power MOSFET in die or wafer form based on VIMOS technology, for Radar, Avionics and other pulsed RF applications.

ASI Semiconductor, Inc.

Longmont,Colorado (PR MediaRelease) January 12, 2016

ASI Semiconductor, Inc. (ASI) a manufacturer of high power radio frequency (RF) transistors, has introduced a portfolio of high performance state-of-the-art RF power MOSFETs in die and wafer form, for pulsed amplifier applications such as Avionics, Radar, and distance measuring equipment (DME).

Chief Executive Officer, Fred Golob commented, “ASI has a complete line of high performance packaged RF power transistor solutions for Avionics and Radar applications. We are now bringing the VIMOSTM technology to the RF module market segment. Die and wafer sales require unique support relative to traditional packaged devices, I am proud to partner with an industry leader in the distribution of semiconductor die and wafer sales, ES Components.”

The portfolio consists of three different die products which can be operated with a supply voltage of 28V to 50V and produce between 30 watts and 350 watts of RF Power. The die are not internally impedance matched and therefore are not restricted to a specific narrow frequency band. The frequency of operation can be set by the user, typically for frequencies between 400MHz and 2GHz. The die are optimized for pulsed amplifiers such as L-Band Radar or applications with high peak to average signal ratio.

The die utilize a simple to implement, patented, high power flip chip attach method which removes the need for source and gate wire bonding, resulting in reduced performance variation and improved RF Gain relative to traditional techniques. Each product is available in die form and wafer form. For demanding applications with challenging size and weight limitations or for multi-kilowatt amplifiers, the devices are available pre-mounted on a diamond heat spreader.

President, ES Components, Ike Aubrey commented, “ES Components has been serving the module market for over 30 years, we have the capabilities and expertise unique to die and wafer product sales. We are proud to bring these exciting new RF products to the market place.”

The HVV2000-300 produces 350watts at 50V with 19dB of gain at 1090MHz, the HVV2000-150 produces 180 watts at 50V and the HVV2000-060 produces 60watts at 50V with 20dB of gain at 1090MHz.

Specific RF amplifier applications that will benefit from this technology include; L-Band Radar, Identification Friend Foe (IFF), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Tactical Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Ground based Radar, Mode S-ELM (also known as Mode S-EL/M or Mode-Select ELM), Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR), Mode-S, Mode ADS-B, Traffic information service – broadcast (TIS–B), and long range weather radar.

Customers interested in the new die product line as well as those interested in the packaged product will find industry leading support from Eastern States Components, LLC, doing business as ES Components.

ASI Semiconductor, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art high power, pulsed RF transistors and modules. The company was founded in 1979 and proudly serves thousands of customers in dozens of countries. Our headquarters is located in North Hollywood, CA, USA. For more information about ASI Semiconductor, Inc. visit our Web site at:, or send email to: To speak with us directly, call (818) 982-1200.

ES Components is a franchised distributor of bare die and surface mount components in Sterling, MA. For over thirty years the company has been a franchised distributor of some of the biggest and most reputable microelectronic component manufacturers. Hybrid and MCM electronics’ manufacturers the world over depend on them for the high-reliability and traceable, aerospace, military, and commercial wafers, bare die, and package devices they need to design, develop, and manufacture their products on-time and on-budget. For more information on ES Components, visit or call 978-422-7641.

Mike Lincoln
ASI Semiconductor, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer

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